Painting Adventure


Painting Adventure

Our painting courses take place in the open air from 10.30 to 13.30 in the morning. The afternoons are free for everyone so you can relax, go swimming, walking , enjoy the sun or work independently.

After the sunset, we enjoy dinner as a group following the ancient Greek tradition of the symposiums which were considered to be the most important social gatherings.

Painting adventure takes place within the superb and magical scenery of Corfu island .

We have selected some of the best landscapes, traditional villages, and also different parts in the old town of Corfu. Transportation to the sites will either be on foot or by car depending on the place of residence and the holiday package

The program is open to all from the absolute novice who wants to learn the basics to the advanced artist who seeks inspiration in such an idyllic environment. Because our groups are small (6-12 persons) individual care is given all day which is adapted according to the needs and skills of every student.

In this program the tutor will not lead you to unnecessary and tedious details apart from the obvious ones. You will be taught to become totally creative and use your own freedom of expression using your eyes and also the eyes of your soul!

In this way with our assistance and support you will find your own personal style of expression. It is almost certain that after the completion of this course even the absolute novices will have completed their own painting bearing their style and signature!!

As a group we will visit Corfu town which has been included in the UNESCO program, the archeological museum and the ancient temples in the beautiful lush grounds of the Mon Repos Estate.

On the day before the last, the paintings you have created will be exhibited and later a farewell dinner will follow. At this stage we will all vote for the three best paintings and the prizes will be a wonderful surprise!!!

This will be your first painting exhibition on the Island of Corfu!

Holidays packages

Painting at White House – Kalami Corfu
Date Tutors
2 June – 8 June 2016 ( 7 days ) Ina Gerogianni, Peter Sternang
2 June – 13 June 2016 ( 12 days ) Ina Gerogianni, Peter Sternang


Painting – Walking – Cycling in South Corfu
Dates Tutors
15 – 21 May 2016 (8 days) Ina Gerogianni
14 – 21 May 2016 ( 8 days ) Ina Gerogianni
15 – 28 May 2016 ( 14 days ) Ina Gerogianni


Painting in Corfu Town
Dates Accommodation Tutors
20 May  – 26 May 2016 ( 7 days ) Mayor  “Art Hotel” Ina Gerogianni
26th August – 1 September 2016 (7 days) Hotel Konstantinoupolis Ina Gerogianni
26 August – 8 September 2016 ( 14 days ) Hotel Konstantinoupolis Ina Gerogianni
10 – 16 September 2016 ( 7 days ) Mayor  “Art Hotel” Ina Gerogianni
1 – 8 October  2016   ( 7 days ) Mayor  “Art Hotel” Ina Gerogianni


Notes: It would be interesting to include 21st of May in your holiday as it is national holiday for the Ionian islands, as we celebrate the unification of the 7 Ionian islands with Greece on 1864.

Therefore, there is a parade at the center of Corfu town, in front of the old fortress. You will see lots of people flooding the main square. Normally the parade starts around 12-12:30 p.m. following a memorial service at the Cathedral and at the seven islands memorial at the main square, a few meters away from where you can see the parade.

* Other dates on request. Sometimes if there are several requests we will set an additional workshop. We will inform you regarding that if you leave us your email address.
*A selection of, oil colors, watercolors, tempera, pastel and acrylic as well as papers and canvases are available at cost price.
Notes: During May to September Rain is rare. March to April and October if it rains, we have excellent facilities for working indoors. After all, rain and its aftermath can offer some of the most inspiring skies and landscapes to the artist