Kalami – North East


Kalami – North East

Kalami, a small village in the north-east corner of Corfu which sits beside one of the most beautiful bays in the Ionian Sea.

Kalami is probably best known as the former residence of the authors Lawrence and Gerald Durrell. Visiting writers, such as Henry Miller, would take up residence in their home at Kalami, a former fisherman’s cottage called the White House.

The natural beauty of the area and the rich history is the ideal place for inspiration.

Kalami Bay has gained its reputation as one of the most attractive holiday locations in the Mediterranean for a number of reasons.

It is closely linked to the Durrell’s early life in Corfu whose descriptions of the island’s beauty won the hearts of many visitors thereafter.

Kalami has featured in a number of international movies with the ITV’s latest production of THE DURRELLS hitting the screen in 2016.

Despite its prized reputation Kalami continues to maintain its sense of primal peace and beauty. It is in fact the natural landscape of Kalami Bay with its unique rock formations, evergreen olive groves that touch the sea and the sapphire blue waters of the Ionian Sea that attracted this much attention in the first place.

The entire North East Coast of Corfu is a particular experience in itself with a multitude of coves and white pebbly beaches to discover most of which happens either by an extensive coastal footpath or by boat.

If you approach Kalami from the sea, skimming over the deep blue water and into a wide bay that enfolds you like an encircling arm. Cypresses and olives line the hills beyond. To your left is the White House, now a taverna downstairs and apartments upstairs, rented out by owner, but essentially the same as it was 60 years ago.

You can stay in the actual house in Kalami where Lawrence Durrell wrote Prospero’s Cell, you have to read that. And also have to read his brother Gerald’s My Family and Other Animals, Henry Miller’s The Colossus of Marousi and the Miller-Durrell letters and try to piece together what really happened. They were all written about the same places and often the same people but telling completely different and often contradictory stories.

Accommodation in Kalami – North East



THE WHITE HOUSE holiday experience features waterfront properties centred on the famous White House at Kalami Bay on the Greek island of Corfu.

All the properties overlook Kalami Bay and are a step away from the beach. They are perfectly positioned on the edge of the bay, sitting comfortably on the rocky Kalami coastline, surrounded by ancient olive groves.

We are near Kalami village, so guests can enjoy all resort amenities, the White House Restaurant and other village tavernas as well as priority rental at the White House Boats.

The Owner of white howse is the grandson of the man who first let the property to Lawrence and Nancy in 1935. Tassos remembers Lawrence Durrell’s final visit to Corfu 20 years ago.

The characters portrayed in the works of Lawrence (‘Prospero’s Cell’) and Gerald (‘My Family and other Animals’) are well known to the owner of the White House.